REBNY's Value Proposition: Supporter, Convener, Advocate

Earlier this year, REBNY undertook a comprehensive evaluation of our industry communications to see how we could better engage, connect with and serve our members.

Our primary objectives were to:

  • Redefine our role within the industry, and with our members 
  • Identify gaps in the programs and services we currently offer to members, and what we could do to improve
  • Determine the types of communications our members would like to receive, and what information is important to you


To ensure our data would be unbiased, we collected quantitative and qualitative data through in-depth interviews, roundtable discussions, focus groups and online surveys.

We want to thank everyone who participated and gave their honest feedback. The entire process over the last several months has been an enlightening and productive experience. We’re ready to not only share these results, but to start making changes now.  

We learned that REBNY is defined differently across our entire membership. Ultimately, you’ve helped us determine that we should be your supporter, your convener and your advocate. But what does that mean exactly?



We will consolidate the latest information on trends, rules and regulations which our members need to better serve their clients and grow their business.


We will bring our members together to share knowledge and experiences, close more deals and ensure transactions are handled correctly by all parties involved.


We will continuously fight to ensure conditions are as favorable as possible for New York’s real estate industry and its members to thrive. 


From now on, our priorities and values, as well as the resources and communications we provide to members, will revolve around these key value propositions. We’re committed to implementing and upholding these priorities so you can make the most of your membership.

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If you have any feedback regarding how we can improve our communications with you, please let us know here.