Commerical Brokerage Retail Committee

Members are retail brokers, owner representatives and other industry professionals active in leasing and providing store space primarily in New York City. The committee¿s mission is to bring together active industry professionals to share information, offer support and work to uphold the highest moral and ethical standards in the retail leasing community. It meets nine times a year, alternating the format between talks on related subjects and the exchange and dissemination of available space and the terms of completed transactions. A formal application process is required for participation: a minimum five years experience, professional bio, two sponsor letters from committee members and approval from 90% of the votes tabulated (voting will be conducted by email with a 48-hour window for committee members to vote). Applications for membership will be voted on twice a year: October, with a September 30 submission deadline, and April, with a March 31 submission deadline. Two firm members, designated by each firm, may vote. Those designations must be communicated to REBNY by September 30 of each year. The maximum number of members will be 85; no new members will be voted in if it means exceeding this number. To maintain membership, members must agree to attend five of the overall nine scheduled meetings and buy one ticket to the annual retail cocktail party.

Steve Soutendijk (Chr), Fred Posniak (Vice-Chr)

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Saga Lisslo