7.5 hour: Elements of Interior Design & Construction

Elements of Interior Design & Construction That The RE Agent Should Know 

How to identify and discuss the property you are presenting without blundering

  • Interior Design is not Interior Decoration Developing agent's ability to observe and discuss a property's design
  • How to properly read floor plans 
  • How to help client/customer to recognize pitfalls in renovation
  • Exercise Logical answers to an inquiry by the customer of joining apts.
  • Identifying Permanent Materials and Finishes
  • Temporary Finishes 
  • What you should know to offer client/customer sensible options & Final Summary
Credit Hours 7.5 

Date(s): Thursday April 02, 2020
Time: 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM
Location: 570 Lexington Avenue- Mendik Education Center
Tuition: Member: $40.00
Non-Member: $70.00