The Edward A Riguardi Executive of the Year Award

The Management Division created this award in 2003; it is given to members whose career accomplishments include long-term leadership and significant contributions to the field of property management.

The award is presented at the Commercial Management Leadership Breakfast.

PAST AWARDEES (listed alphabetically by year)

2019:  Louis Trimboli 
2018:  Theresa Morzello 
2017:  Avi Itzikowitz 
2016:  Hank Celestino 
2015:  Eugene Boniberger 
2014:  Frank A. Freda 
2013:  Edward V. Piccinich 
2012:  Gaston Silva 
2011:  Terence M. Whalen 
2010:  Thomas L. Hill 
2009:  Matthew Duthie 
2008:  James J. Migliore 
2007:  Chi K. Chu 
2006:  Gerard V. Schumm 
2005:  John Santora 
2004:  John J. Whalen 
2003:  Edward A. Riguardi