The On-Site Manager of the Year Award

The award recognizes an on-site REBNY building manager who has significantly improved his/her building and contributed both to the industry and their company.

PAST AWARDEES (listed alphabetically by year)

2018:  Sandra Hahn 
2017:  Joanne Porrazzo 
2016:  Mark R. Windt 
2015:  Enzo Paternostro 
2014:  Carl Lettich 
2013:  Bridget Cunningham 
2012:  Patricia Revellese 
2011:  Cynthia M. Boyea 
2010:  Mark Furman 
2009:  Pia Silvestri 
2008:  Michael Prefi 
2007:  Scott Robinson 
2006:  Nancy B. Troy 
2005:  Louis Trimboli 
2004:  Vincent Fantauzzi 
2003:  Valerie Coleman