The John M. Griffin Community Service Award

This award was named after the late John M. Griffin, who gave generously of himself to numerous charitable activities. The award recognizes meritorious service to the community by a REBNY management member.

PAST AWARDEES (listed alphabetically by year)

2018:  Avi Itzikowitz 
2017:  Deborah Tomasi 
2016:  Louis J. Mantia 
2015:  William R. Dacunto 
2014:  Cynthia M. Boyea 
2013:  Larry Kochman, Allen F. London 
2012:  Edward M. Fallon 
2011:  Jeff Caimi 
2010:  Louis Trimboli 
2009:  Valerie Coleman 
2008:  Rosemary Ulfik 
2007:  Frank A. Freda 
2006:  Robert B. Frankel 
2005:  Lawrence P. Giuliano 
2004:  Peter L. DiCapua 
2003:  Mike Norton